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Natural & Organic Products 

Luxe Hand Recovery Balm

Our luxe active hand balms are packed with vitamins and omega oils to help soothe sore, irritated, chapped skin. Fragranced with organic rosemary, lavender, and geranium bourbon, they are the perfect daily treat for hard-working hands.


A small dab of this rich balm is all that is required to moisturize and protect hands and nails. Perfect overnight treatment.

Both fragranced and fragrance-free variations are available to purchase in our online shop.


Eau de Parfum

All Eau de Parfums are available to purchase via our online shop in 30ml bottles. 

All our Eau de Parfums are lovingly hand-blended, poured, bottled, and packed in small batches ensuring consistency and quality.  No products contain any artificial or synthetic ingredients. 


We believe in transparency. A full list of ingredients for all our products is listed on our website. No hiding behind the term 'fragrance' that can include a host of artificial and synthetic ingredients.

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